Definition of Resilience

4 part docu-series highlighting the dynamic stories of Indigenous hip-hop MCs

Definition of Resilience | Episode 1 | “Teachers”

Preserving language, battling stereotypes, and rising up from trauma, we follow Giizhigookwe and Thomas X as they give back to their communities. Taking lessons from elders, these two MCs from Northern Minnesota use their music to empower the next generation.

Definition of Resilience | Episode 2 | “Identity”

Mic Jordan and Tall Paul share personal stories around identity. We find out how, despite growing up without a parental figure, struggling with alcohol or dealing with anxiety, they became the role models they wanted as kids.

Definition of Resilience | Episode 4 | “Alaska”

Representing Alaska Native culture, AK Rebel and AKU-MATU talk about the effects of colonization. As they share their stories, we hear how they bring healing and a warrior mentality to their music.